Each product is designed by a woman who has been a victim of violence in Mexico.


Nuestras — our — experiences and feelings mould us to the version of ourselves we are today. Every bead of Nuestras represents the moments of our life in which we have shared, learnt, and walked with others, those moments that have impacted us deeply.


There is only one piece like Una. Same as us, we are all unique. Even with the same colours, each Una has a unique pattern. Una is a piece that, like each of us women, there are no two alike.


Good and new things bloom in our life when we’re Juntas — together. When we support each other, when we cheer for each other, and when we achieve safe spaces where we can grow and flourish, all of us, women, together, Juntas.


Completa is a cylinder that represents how we, as women, are whole in and of ourselves. It reclaims solitude, remembering it can be something good; that being accompanied by yourself and getting to know yourself, discovering, loving, and reclaiming yourself, makes you — te completa.


Verte is a piece that represents how we see ourselves. Every time we look in the mirror, or we see our reflection. But, specially, Verte represents a loving and compassionate way of looking at yourself, even in the bad and uncomfortable days, Verte reminds you that you are worthy of looking at yourself with loving eyes.


Amarte — loving yourself — is like our center, our heart that gives us life. We are who we are because of that center, we surround ourselves with people and things that care for us, that guide us, and that help us keep going. Amarte represents the love each of us have for ourselves, the love we give others, and the love we receive.


Yo represents the different parts that form me, the different combinations of forms, colours, textures that are only mine. I am all of that —soy yo— I’m a mix and match of different elements and subjects that interest me, and even if there are many different parts all of them make me me —Yo.


In Mixteco, Numi means hug. This collection is called Numi because that is what we do in Nunayú: we embrace. Hugs bring us closer, they bring us together. They give us strength to move forward and to celebrate life. Hugs are encounters and re-encounters; in embracing we find certainty and new paths. Hugs unveil a humanity that needs the other, a community, a combination of hearts - our hearts. Hugs are a way to find life, like the seed that hugs the soil, and the rain that embraces them both when it falls. Hugs uphold us so we may flourish. Numi is the outcome of many hugs given and received here in Nunayú, and it is our hug for you; each piece in this collection is our way of embracing and being embraced; Numi is our hug for you.


Reencuentro -re-encounter- are new encounters. The way the pattern encounters itself over and over is a reminder of the people whom you want to reunite. Are the hugs you’re longing for again and again. Reencuentro is special because it’s simple but it’s constant.


Garúa -means drizzle- it is a fine rain that embraces everything when it falls, cleaning it up, making it new.


Volver means to go back. Volver is that hug, place, or person that you always want to go back to. It’s a constant light that embraces you when you need it. Or that place you always return to because it feels safe. Volver is that person that you always go to when you need a comforting hug.